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Camera Motion Detector vDC
Copyright (c) 2015 digitalSTROM AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Author: Sergey 'Jin' Bostandzhyan <jin@dev.digitalstrom.org>
Distributed under GPLv3 or later.
How it works
This virtual device listenes on port 44044 for incoming commands and forwards
them as motion events to the digitalSTROM system.
The currently understood events are one byte commands:
0x31 or '1' - motion event started
0x30 or '0' - motion event stopped
0x6c or 'l' - camera lost (reports bus error to dS)
The events can be easily fed into the vDC using the following command:
echo -n 1 | nc 44044
One of the easiest ways to get motion detection for your webcam is the
"Motion" software:
Edit your motion.conf configuration accordingly and hook into:
To execute the wrapper shell scripts (see scripts directory) which will
feed the appropriate events into the vDC using the netcat command above.
Also make sure to configure the event_gap accordingly to get the best results
for your environment.
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