Commit 79a85412 authored by Michael Tross's avatar Michael Tross

Merge branch 'rename-vdc' into 'master'

Rename vdc

See merge request !17
parents e93d1822 c14446a6
......@@ -443,7 +443,7 @@ void vdc_getprop_cb(dsvdc_t *handle, const char *dsuid, dsvdc_property_t *proper
char hostname[HOST_NAME_MAX];
gethostname(hostname, HOST_NAME_MAX);
char servicename[HOST_NAME_MAX + 32];
strcpy(servicename, "NetAtmo Weather Station Controller @");
strcpy(servicename, "NetAtmo Weather Station Controller (Developer Edition) @");
strcat(servicename, hostname);
dsvdc_property_add_string(property, name, servicename);
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