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Commit 29f8ba92 authored by luz's avatar luz

modelfeatures: slightly adjusted according to now available docs. In...

modelfeatures: slightly adjusted according to now available docs. In particular, switching-only outputs should no longer offer a "dimmer" mode.
parent 756abf99
......@@ -254,30 +254,35 @@ bool Device::hasModelFeature(DsModelFeatures aFeatureIndex)
// now check for device level features
switch (aFeatureIndex) {
case modelFeature_dontcare:
// Assumption: all devices with scene table have this
// Generic: all devices with scene table have the ability to set scene's don't care flag
return boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<SceneDeviceSettings>(deviceSettings)!=NULL;
case modelFeature_blink:
// Assumption: all devices with an output have this, except heating
return output && primaryGroup!=group_blue_heating;
case modelFeature_ledauto:
// TODO: check this, assuming no virtual device has a LED at all
return false;
case modelFeature_leddark:
// TODO: check this, assuming no virtual device has a LED at all
// Virtual devices do not have the standard dS LED at all
return false;
case modelFeature_outmode:
// Assuming light, access and alarm output devices have an output mode
return (output && (primaryGroup==group_yellow_light || primaryGroup==group_green_access || primaryGroup==group_red_security));
// Assumption: All devices with an output that is gradual (not only switched) should have this
return (output && output->getOutputFunction()!=outputFunction_switch);
case modelFeature_outmodeswitch:
// Assumption: All devices with a switch-only output (not dimmable) should have this
return (output && output->getOutputFunction()==outputFunction_switch);
case modelFeature_outvalue8:
// TODO: this is a tough one, no idea how to derive this. As light is most important, and always has outvalue8 set, return it for now for all outputs
return output!=NULL;
// Assumption: All normal 8-bit outputs should have this. Exception so far are shade outputs
return (output && !output->isMember(group_grey_shadow));
case modelFeature_shadeposition:
// Assumption: Shade outputs should be 16bit resolution and be labelled "Position", not "Value"
return (output && output->isMember(group_grey_shadow));
case modelFeature_pushbutton:
case modelFeature_pushbarea:
case modelFeature_pushbadvanced:
case modelFeature_pushbsensor:
// Assumption: any device with a buttonInputBehaviour has these props
return buttons.size()>0;
case modelFeature_pushbdevice:
// Assumption: no device has a local button
// Assumption: virtual devices don't have a local button
return false;
case modelFeature_pushbcombined:
case modelFeature_twowayconfig:
......@@ -300,6 +305,11 @@ bool Device::hasModelFeature(DsModelFeatures aFeatureIndex)
// no inputs or all inputs have predefined functionality
return false;
case modelFeature_akminput:
case modelFeature_akmdelay:
// TODO: once binaryInputs support the AKM binary input settings (polarity, delays), this should be enabled
// for configurable inputs (most likely those that already have modelFeature_akmsensor)
return false; // %%% for now
return false; // not known
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