Commit 50416585 authored by luz's avatar luz

EnOcean sensor range text display: fixed to show correct decimal points for resolutions > 1

parent cffe7812
......@@ -578,6 +578,7 @@ string Enocean4bsSensorHandler::sensorDesc(const Enocean4BSSensorDescriptor &aSe
int numBits = (aSensorDescriptor.msBit-aSensorDescriptor.lsBit)+1; // number of bits
double resolution = (aSensorDescriptor.max-aSensorDescriptor.min) / ((1<<numBits)-1); // units per LSB
int fracDigits = (int)(-log(resolution)/log(10)+0.99);
if (fracDigits<0) fracDigits=0;
return string_format("%s, %0.*f..%0.*f %s", aSensorDescriptor.typeText, fracDigits, aSensorDescriptor.min, fracDigits, aSensorDescriptor.max, unitText);
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