Commit 97f7d436 authored by luz's avatar luz

Updated binary input types according to latest dS docs

parent 8b7b7628
......@@ -351,8 +351,11 @@ typedef enum {
binInpType_wind, ///< wind
binInpType_rain, ///< rain
binInpType_sun, ///< solar radiation
binInpType_thermostat, ///< thermostat
binInpType_thermostat, ///< thermostat (temperature below user-adjusted threshold)
binInpType_lowBattery, ///< device has low battery
binInpType_windowOpen, ///< window is open
binInpType_doorOpen, ///< door is open
binInpType_windowTilted, ///< window is tilted instead of fully opened
} DsBinaryInputType;
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