Commit f6a44933 authored by luz's avatar luz

DALI: added x-p44-daliScan and x-p44-daliCmd for diagnostic bus scanner

parent b687776f
......@@ -107,6 +107,14 @@ namespace p44 {
void deviceInfoReceived(DaliBusDeviceListPtr aBusDevices, DaliBusDeviceList::iterator aNextDev, StatusCB aCompletedCB, DaliComm::DaliDeviceInfoPtr aDaliDeviceInfoPtr, ErrorPtr aError);
void groupCollected(VdcApiRequestPtr aRequest);
ErrorPtr groupDevices(VdcApiRequestPtr aRequest, ApiValuePtr aParams);
ErrorPtr daliScan(VdcApiRequestPtr aRequest, ApiValuePtr aParams);
ErrorPtr daliCmd(VdcApiRequestPtr aRequest, ApiValuePtr aParams);
typedef boost::shared_ptr<std::string> StringPtr;
void daliScanNext(VdcApiRequestPtr aRequest, DaliAddress aShortAddress, StringPtr aResult);
void handleDaliScanResult(VdcApiRequestPtr aRequest, DaliAddress aShortAddress, StringPtr aResult, bool aNoOrTimeout, uint8_t aResponse, ErrorPtr aError);
void testScanDone(StatusCB aCompletedCB, DaliComm::ShortAddressListPtr aShortAddressListPtr, ErrorPtr aError);
void testRW(StatusCB aCompletedCB, DaliAddress aShortAddr, uint8_t aTestByte);
void testRWResponse(StatusCB aCompletedCB, DaliAddress aShortAddr, uint8_t aTestByte, bool aNoOrTimeout, uint8_t aResponse, ErrorPtr aError);
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